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VFX Artist

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updated 9.23.2023
Alex Epton

Film work


“Clayton Vomero, with the curiosity of an entomologist, examines the post-Soviet cultural space formed in the era of consumption, neo-feudalism, simulacra and endless chaos. Here the grandmother sings the advertising jingle of Coca-Cola under her breath, here the representatives of the Bonchinche voghouse jump on the bed, here the rapper philosopher Husky, locked in a car, talks about culture, and the monumental Artemy Troitsky recalls his youth, here’s a guy who trades fake sneakers, and girls from Vladimir live on the net. Russian and Ukrainian young people testify to how the empire collapsed and culture surrendered to consumerism without a fight. Strange as it may seem, the main musical hero is Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake - almost all the heroes recall August 1991.” - Коммерса́нтъ


PAI NOSSO from Clayton Vomero on Vimeo.

"Throughout Pai Nosso (“Our Father”), an emotive short documentary directed by Clayton Vomero and produced in collaboration with The FADER, 23-year-old DJ and producer Firmeza grapples with questions of loneliness and faith. He says, unequivocally, he is not religious; but he laughs off the idea that heaven doesn’t exist. For him the truth is something unknowable, something in between. The intimate film follows him not only as he tackles these big topics, but as he eats in his kitchen, creates music in his studio, and walks around his neighborhood, Quinto Do Mocho in Lisbon, shooting the shit with his friends about dating girls. Simmering beneath these domestic scenes, darkly omnipresent, are two intertwined things: the tight, dense percussion of Firmeza’s music, and the subject of his father, who passed away in 2015."



JUVENILE from Jovan Todorovic on Vimeo.

Journey through the walls of the largest juvenile correctional facility in the Balkans as director Jovan Todorovic allows his audience a glimpse into the harsh world of a nation’s troubled youth. Spending a year in the company of Serbian young offenders, Todorovic and his small crew provide a surprisingly cinematic view of everyday life in this detention centre in this candid 17-minute documentary.



GANG Trailer from Clayton Vomero on Vimeo.